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KNUT-Reisen is a Berlin based tour operator, specialized in adventure trips for small groups in Eastern Europe and Asia. Founded in 2007, we have since been organizing trips to countries such as Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, the Baltic states or journeys with the Transsiberian Railway.

Our tours are dedicated to the active traveler whose aim is to get as close to the local culture and nature as possible. Many of our trips focus on physical activities like hiking, kayaking or horseback riding in summer. In winter our activities include snowmobile tours, snowshoe hiking, skiing, horse sleigh tours and ice trekking on frozen Lake Baikal.

We also organize tailormade trips for private groups of 2 persons or more.

Our international groups are guided in English.


ENGLISH Trip: 6 days on a Snowmobile in wild Northern Russia

Date 31.01.-05.02.2018 / 06.02.-11.02.2018
Participants 4-10 Price EUR 1300,-

Discover the Northern Russian Wilderness on a Snowmobile. North of the Polar Circle you will explore areas of the Kola Peninsulas that can be reached in summer only by boat or helicopter (if at all). You will maneuver with your snowmobile through deep snow and quiet white forests, over icy mountain passes, frozen lakes, rivers and bogs. You will encounter remote villages of reindeer herders and with some luck you will be able to see the big reindeer herds and some polar lights. Warm up in the russian sauna "banya" and stay the night at friendly host families in remote villages and in comfy and warm forest cabins.

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ENGLISH TRIP: 19 Days Mongolia with Horse Riding Tour

Date 21.07. bis 08.08.2018
Participants 4-15 Price EUR 2550,- (without flights)

Roundtrip with a 7 days long horse riding tour.

Our route leads us from the capital towards western, central Mongolia. We will discover by car, foot and above all on the back of our horses spectacular landscapes of steppeand forests, lakes  and volcanoes. We will pass through the Arkhangai mountains, the Bayan Gobi desert and will experience buddhist monasteries as well as relax in hot springs...

Suitable for experienced riders as well as for sportive and motivated beginners.

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ENGLISH TRIP: 18 Days Gobi desert & central Mongolia

Date 22.08. - 08.09.2018
Participants 4-15 Price EUR 2260,- (without flights)

The route of our tour leads us from Ulan Bator towards the western, central Mongolian steppes and mountains. With many rivers and lakes, buddhist monasteries, hot springs and of course the unique mongolian nomadic culture, this is a fascinating and very diverse part of the country. From here we continue mostly offroad to the far south of Mongolia: here we discover by foot or on the back of a horse or a camel (optional) the great landscapes of the Gobi’s stone and sand deserts.

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